Industrial Rlations Office

Industrial Rlations Office of Ilam University of Medical Sciences is one of the subgroups of health technology incubation center, affiliated to the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology. IRO in Ilam University of Medical Science was established since 2019.

In today's world, there is a direct relationship between the development of technology and progress in various social, economic and political dimensions of each country. It can be said that technology is a key factor for wealth creation, prosperity and ability of nations, and is a powerful tool in national development. Technology, by definition, has four basic pillars: human, machine, organization and information. Therefore, it is obvious that the proper interaction of these elements together will result in balanced economic growth and development. Since human beings have a fundamental role, it can be concluded that the expertise and skill of human resources play a significant role in the development of each country's economy, and the need for the continuity and continuity of specialized training of universities and academic research with the industry and the establishment of an appropriate and logical interactive More than ever.

"Universities are specialized in the field of human resource training, and if this expert human resource can use its knowledge and skills in the field of industry and industry, it will improve the country. In the field of industry, there are experts in every field and other skilled human resources who provide their scientific information in the form of technology, products (whether they are physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, biologists, engineers or operating room technicians). On this basis, it is obvious that industrial development will be far from available without the emergence of these competencies."

Relationship between industry and universities in each country can have a decisive impact on economic growth. Usually, in the course of this interaction, the main task of universities is:

  1. - Teaching and improving students' knowledge and preparing them to attend labor markets,
  2. - Recognizing and solving the research needs of the industry sector and keeping it up to date,
  3. - Developing new technologies for manufacturing products and providing optimal services.

On the other hand, the industry sector also has duties:

  1. - Order and invest in research and technology in universities,
  2. - Confidence in the university and the belief in new technologies and application of research results,
  3. - Classify and designate the required skills and competencies in the field of the executive.